Jonathan Crow

Actor & Voice Artist

Jonathan Crow is a passionate British Actor and Voice Actor with over 2 years of industry experience. Jonathan has lent his voice to projects across a variety genres, such as Animations, Narrations, Audio Dramas and more.

Jonathan has a professional home studio that allows him to produce broadcast quality audio with ease.

Acting Resume


Below is a short video showing some highlights of Jonathan's acting portfolio.

Resume Highlights

Da Vinci's DemonsOtranto SoldierBBC Worldwide ProductionsTelevision
AtlantisNoblemanUrban Myth FilmsTelevision

Voice Acting

Demo Reels

Jonathan Crow is able to offer a variety of voice over styles as demonstrated below and in his resume highlights.

Resume Highlights

Mr MarvellousHalfway HeroesBoth EarsAudiodrama
Billy ShakesHalfway HeroesBoth EarsAudiodrama
Modern WriterNarrative ArcadeSelvir KatichVoiceover
Anonymous ScreenwriterNarrative ArcadeSelvir KatichVoiceover
Crazed CultistAtom's Glory-Animation

Home Studio

Studio Equipment

When recording high-quality voice overs, it is important to ensure you are using professional equipment. Below you can see the tools that Jonathan uses in his studio to achieve outstanding results, time and time again.

MicrophoneSennheiser MKH 416t
InterfaceFocusrite Clarett+ 2Pre
HeadphonesSennheiser HD 650Audio-Technica M50x
DAWAdobe Audition|iZotope RX10 Elements
ConnectivitySource Connect|Zoom|Discord
Internet Speed70Mbps down|18Mbps up

Raw Studio Sample

Want to have a listen to Jonathan's raw studio space? Simply click the link below to download a sample which covers a range of voice over scenarios.

Contact Me

If you have a project you are interested in discussing with Jonathan, or a role you think would be a great fit, please get in contact using the form below.